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  • Tuesday, January 24, 2006


    Don't Crush That Blog, Hand Me the Links

    Apparently I am running on intellectual fumes at the moment, unable to construct a coherent blog entry of independent thought. Thus, you get more links ("More linkage," screamed the crowd. "Give us linkage and set us free!") (inflated ego much?) instead of brilliant minutia about my irridescent life. And, obviously, many over-the-top adjectives.

    This is my way of blogrolling: I like to visit sites new to me and see what's up with them. It helps me get back to basics, back to what I find valuable about blogs.

    First is Demagogue, opinion on politics, economics, and the like.

    Legal Fiction is concerned with (what else?) issues involving the law.

    American Leftist has an extensive four part study titled China: End of an Era? Good substantial stuff. The conclusion is here.

    Then there's first draft, more opinion on politics and subjects of the day. I found the subtitle all too true and amusing as well: "writing is only real on the first draft." Ho ho ho. One of the posts led me to another blog...

    Corrente, and a post saying that there are as many as 35,000 in American secret prisons. That is astonishing.

    Pinko Feminist Hellcat has some scathing words on some guy who, the more you read of his own words, the worse he becomes. Truly horrific but in a schadenfreude kind of way.

    Go now and web surf in peace and harmony.

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