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  • Sunday, January 15, 2006


    Alito's Poison

    Although marked by many shades of lies, Judge Alito will probably still be confirmed. And we can expect decisions from the Supreme Court to carry a strong conservative imprimatur. Is it an instant turning point for justice in the US? No, but I suspect I will be uncomfortable with the results rather quickly.

    People focus on the big cases. Will Roe v. Wade be overturned? However I believe the more important decisions are less dramatic. Will Roe matter if there is actually no doctor or clinic to perform an abortion within reasonable travel distance?

    Is Judge Alito a hard core conservative jurist or just a little conservative? We'll see. If he leans toward an unstoppably strong Executive Branch of government, how different will that be from what we already have?

    If I sound cynical and resigned, bingo! Welcome to my view of our government and the higher judicial at the moment. Let's ask Gitmo inmates about Constitutional protections, shall we? Oh, that's right, they're a separate category of people. Free Speech Zones? Right. A special little space for protest. Good luck and good night.

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