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  • Thursday, January 05, 2006


    Weird Sex!!!

    As the saying goes, now that I have your attention... Due to continued downtime due to my brain brown-outs, I'm resorting to the standby of sharing from other people's work. When my higher functions dim, I like to go for cheap laughs. In this case, The Fortean Times Book of Weird Sex, compiled by Steve Moore [London: John Brown Publishing, 1995]. Thus I can fulfill readers' curiosity and pretend to be of worth to the community. Despite the title, don't expect salacious details. These are fairly mild, if disturbing. Although all items are taken from actual published news accounts, they aren't 100 percent guaranteed to be true; this is not the Darwin Awards, which at least makes an effort to verify their winners.

    Here are some items in no particular order.

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