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  • Sunday, October 23, 2005


    Wordlackey Man Breast #2

    [See update at the end of the post.]

    To all kind commentators on my previous picture: You have made a mistake (understandably) about my reasons for posting the pics of my pecs. As far as I am aware, I did not raise the required $50 total contribution to Shakes Sis. My threat was to show the pecs constantly/often for a month unless the money was raised for Shakes Sis. Yes, the original terms of the contest were to show one such picture if the money was raised. It was a twist, you see.

    I had hoped people would take this ultimatum in the spirit it was offered: a repetitious sight best avoided. Obviously I failed to impress my readers with my threats. Since I consider my word my bond, I plan to post at least one picture a day of my pasty chest for one month. If, by some miracle, $50 is raised over on Shakes Sis in my name within the next month, I will stop these particular picture posts.

    But thank you all for your compliments.

    [Update: Hey! I can't believe I made it! You love me, you really love me! The pessimist in me assumed I wouldn't raise the money. My faith in humanity (or at least my readers) is restored. A huge "Thank you!" to all who contributed to Shakes Sis.]

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