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  • Saturday, October 22, 2005


    Wordlackey Man Breast #1

    Oh, woe is me! Threats did not work and I am left to reap the results of my rash proclamation of a continuing, monthlong onslaught of Wordlackey manbreast if donations to Shakespeare's Sister did not match the $50 goal. Alas, Shakes Soror is attending a wedding but I'm assuming the worst. I may re-evaluate my commitment to this project as time goes on.

    Unlike Our Dear Leader, Pres. Bush, I am able to reassess a given course of action in the light of later events. I'm already modifying my commitment to only one picture a day rather than on every post for the next month. Considering that of late I've been posting more graphic images, it would be, um, unaesthetic to have to include both a manbreast picture as well as another, more primary image. I still think I shall become sick of my own flesh before this is done.

    [Update: Mission Accomplished! For real! But not before I posted another picture. Enjoy.]

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