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  • Friday, October 21, 2005


    Google Irregularities

    I don't know if it is a permanent effect or some temporary result of reindexing links but Google is giving some strange results. While tracking back through some of the results of searches which led people to my blog, I could not find my blog listed within a hundred result items returned. An example: if the second page (#s 51-100) of results of a search on cornel west writing style led to my blog, I could not find a link to DemiOrator on that page or the first page (1-50) or the third page (101-150).

    There's nothing earthshaking about this but it seems to indicate some more dynamic process of returning results than in the past. In other words, the order of the results of the search is changing rather significantly from one search to exactly the same search just a little while later. This is very interesting to me. I'm just wondering why. Perhaps it's an attempt by Google to vary or shake up attempts to jigger the ranking of sites, some variation amongst sites of equivalent ranking.

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