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  • Saturday, October 29, 2005


    Friday Random 10 Songs: Mellow Mind Meld Edition

    These are the sounds of contortion and contention.
    These are contrite condolences offered behind anger.
    These are songs of sorrow and songs of a farrow.
    Do not ask the reasons; their names are legion.

    These random ten songs encapulate this moment,
    This memento mori of the past brought home.
    Don't that make you want to dance?

    Har, har, har! Wassamatter? Why aintcha laughing? Is joke! Laugh, Harlequin, laugh! You too Columbine! Is a secret comedy here tonight for your pleasure. Sing us a song, loud and brash, with a beat worthy of Ole Scratch hisself. (pause) The envelope please...
    1. I heard you looking, Yo La Tengo
    2. Peace, Weezer
    3. Pink Triangle, Weezer
    4. Just a Memory, Elvis Costello & the Attractions
    5. Personality Crisis, New York Dolls
    6. Nemesis, Shriekback
    7. Lament, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    8. Dengue Woman Blues, Jimmie Vaughan
    9. Oh, Candy, Cheap Trick
    10. Strict Time, Elvis Costello & the Attractions


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