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  • Monday, September 05, 2005


    Fun with Blogs, Part 1

    Now my blogroll is replete with blogs I think are worth visiting for one reason or another. I go though the list once a month or so and delete those I'm no longer enchanted by. There's usually no particular reason I drop a blog. If I'm not going to that blog regularly, I don't see much reason to keep it on the list. I prefer to keep my blogroll relatively personal and manageable. And that's why I'm going to mention a few of them now.

    Oldwhitelady of It's Morning Somewhere has been kind enough to regularly visit my little bloggy outpost here and often she leaves comments, which I greatly appreciate. (hint, hint, ya lazy b-----ds!) You should hie yourself over to her patch and soak up the ambiance.

    Agi T. Prop of Agitprop has a very amusing little bunch of graphics on flickr. Parodies and satire are a specialty and well worth looking at. They are quite funny.

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