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  • Friday, September 02, 2005


    The "Good Goth!" Friday Random 10 Songs

    1. Stuck in a Rut, The Darkness
    2. Kamikaze, PJ Harvey
    3. Black Betty, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    4. Knock-Down Drag-Out, Weezer
    5. High Fidelity [Live Version], Elvis Costello & the Attractions
    6. Let Me Try, MC5
    7. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?, Mr. David Viner
    8. Paper Cut, Johnny Magnet
    9. Dominion/Mother Russia, Sisters of Mercy
    10. Gotti, The Smithereens

    Through a strange coincidence, please note that the musician lineup for Johnny Magnet apparently included Ms. Twisty Faster of I Blame the Patriarchy fame. Strange because I just recently praised her blog and "Paper Cut" is the only song by them on my hard drive. I swear I did not specifically pick out the song; it really came up randomly.

    Bonus song: Private Life, Pretenders.


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