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  • Friday, September 02, 2005


    I Blame the Patriarchy

    OK, I'm going to continue to plug I Blame the Patriarchy which is far and away my fave blog. Ms. Twisty Faster has an excellent and finely tuned mix of anger, irony, humor, radical feminist analysis, and puppy pictures. I cannot resist her incisive wit.

    An example is her commentary on a recent story about a 20-year old male getting a 12-year old pregnant.

    I might as well seize this opportunity to respectfully disagree with the views of those of my fellow feminists (touched on briefly here by Jill at Feministe) who believe that teenage girls should enjoy unlimited personal sovereignty. Such a contingency is obviously the ideal, of course. It might even be warranted, if girls did not inhabit a war zone ruled by male nutjobs and populated by male assholes, neither of whom recognizes the personal sovereignty of any female.

    But we do inhabit that war zone. In our patriarchal system women are the sex class, and young girls are its particular victims. Call me a reactionary, but the hetero model of male dominance and female submission completely rules out our autonomy, 12-year-olds included.

    It would be great if men would fucking cut it out with the violence and exploitation already, but I just don't see that happening. So unless 12-year-old girls can be taught--and I really don't see this happening either--that the role of subservient sexbot is not a "natural" consequence of their sex, but is in fact a weapon deployed by a dominance-based patriarchal system that hates them, they can have no real power. And I'd like to meet the miserable creature who has less power than a lower-class, sexually active twelve-year-old whose parents--her only line of defense against the aforementioned assholes--see nothing untoward about some adult perv knocking her up.

    And that's why I love Ms. Faster: She cuts the beating heart out of the story, gives it a good basic radical feminist examination and serves up the results. I'm gleeful at going along for the ride. You should too.

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