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  • Sunday, August 28, 2005


    The Fate of the World in My Hands

    Not really but I'm contemplating moving over to Typepad and that's a rather major decision for me. That involves actually paying for blog space but what I've seen of the options available indicates it might be worth it. And, to tell the truth, I'm also getting a little frustrated by my obscure blog name DemiOrator and my almost-as-confusing posting name of Wordlackey.

    I'm open to suggestions for a blog name but I'll undoubtedly disregard them and pick something personally meaningful or descriptive. A new posting name which is a little less self-deprecating might be nice as well.

    Not necessarily serious blog names floating around my mind:

    Euphemistically Speaking
    Interstellar Terrorist
    Miserable Bastard
    Dreaming Jewels
    Friend to Small Animals
    Flaming Bundle of Sticks
    Strange Convictions
    Second Source
    Unreliable Source
    Pestilent Fellow
    Honorable Contempt
    Madness of Hope
    Anarchy: It's Not What You Think

    Feel free to tell me your preferences in the comments.
    [Update: The comments are running rather strongly to "Flaming Bundle of Sticks" with "J'accuse!" second and an honorable mention to "Honorable Contempt." Cast your vote now.]

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