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  • Thursday, August 18, 2005


    Security Means Never Saying You're Sorry for Killing the Innocent

    Although suspicions about the accuracy of reports concerning the death of a Brazilian man in the London subway have been abundant, the following shows just how far off the police were in shooting him. From the Christian Science Monitor.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the leaked document and photos show that Mr. de Menezes was actually wearing a denim jacket, not a padded one, that he was not running from the police nor had he "vaulted" the Stockwell Underground turnstiles, as was originally reported.

    The Daily Telegraph reports that the evidence now shows that de Menezes walked into the Stockwell Underground station, used a farecard to pay for his ride, picked up a newspaper and sat down in a train car before he was rushed by undercover police and shot eight times, including seven shots in the head. The police had originally said he had only been shot five times. The evidence also shows that the police had pinned his hands behind his back before he was shot.

    In an editorial Thursday, the Daily Telegraph says that "This business has the makings of one of the worst blunders in the history of the Metropolitan Police." The BBC reports on the discrepancies between what the London police originally said, or allowed people to believe about the incident and what really happened.

    This makes the London police chief's earlier faint apologies about the event even worse. Such a cover-up is outrageous. I don't doubt the same thing is likely to happen in the US. Yeah, we can't have security without killing a few innocent people, right? Oops! Sorry!

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