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  • Sunday, August 07, 2005


    Screed/Riff on Oil, Blood and Money

    [This started as a comment/reply but I felt it growing out of control so I'm using it as a basis for this post.]

    So-called "military adventurism" has been a part of US foreign policy for well over a century. Both Democrat and Republican administrations have used it. I think the Neocons are just more honest about what they want and fairly naked in their ambition.

    I don't think their philosophy is as bald as "war is good for American business." I'm sure it's planned as a series of logical and strategic engagements. The fact that petroleum is a dwindling resource means that much of this strategy is devoted to making sure the US has the best access possible to the largest supplies. This is why the US government is interested in Iraq and Venezuela, the second and third largest reserves of oil on earth that we know of.

    In my dark moments, I'm sure the upper echelons of our society and government want people at the lower economic end of the spectrum to have a hard time making ends meet. People who have to work really hard to survive don't have time or energy to think about protests or striking for better conditions. They are too busy to do anything but blow off steam on sports or TV or movies or alcohol.

    I personally think it's time for a resurgence of unionism, of collective action, of banding together to demand change.

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