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  • Thursday, August 04, 2005


    Subduction in Blue Velvet

    I'm thinking of the glories of Western Civilization. Yeah, the wonderment of sewers and poverty, of rich Libertarians and government lies, of chemical sterilization and religious fanatics. All things bright and beautiful and so on.

    I'm relatively incoherent tonight, striving to put these skeins of thought into relative order, into a passing semblance of logic yet failing. Some days it is difficult for me to put a sentence together properly. Some days I'm caught thinking only in phrases, rude and stubborn clumps of words, rebellious in their wired desire to stand out. This is one of those days. So here are some lyrics from an old Tonio K. song from 1978, The Funky Western Civilization. The curmudgeon in me likes them. They are not deep and they are not brilliant but I find them funny.
    come on everybody
    get on your feet
    get with the beat
    there's a brand new dance craze
    sweeping the nation
    and its called the funky western civilization

    well there's a riot at the courthouse
    there's a fire in the street
    there's a sinner bein' trampled
    by a thousand pious feet
    there's a baby
    every minute
    bein' born without a chance
    now don't that make you want to jump
    right up
    and start to dance?

    let's do the funky
    the funky western civilization
    it's really spunky
    it's just like a summertime vacation
    ... [lyric omitted due to ironic but sexist content.]

    they put jesus on a cross
    they put a hole in j.f.k.
    they put hitler in the driver's seat
    and looked the other way
    now they've got poison in the water
    and the whole world in a trance
    but just because we're hypnotized
    that don't mean we can't dance


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