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  • Sunday, July 31, 2005


    Nuclear Combat (or, How to Slowly Kill the World)

    Hmm, what sort of new weapons can we use? Why don't we blast in the future through the past? Tactical Nuclear Weapons, yeah, that'll work. Oooh, surgical strikes with nukes! That phrase makes me tingle in a special way...

    Over on Rubicon is an excellent post on the US plans for using nukes in war. It's got nice illos from Dr. Stranglove as well. Particularly charming is the idea of using nukes on Iran if there is ever another 9/11 type event in the US. Just as a sort of reflexive action, nothing personal. But the question is: How will this affect that darn oil in the region that our government covets so hard?

    Of course, the US has been using nuclear materials in battle for a while now. The effective fallout from these weapons is all over the land where they were used. Even better, there's no way of cleaning it up. It just gets everywhere. Most US soldiers have no idea that they are being contaminated by the particles left from the missles and armor piercing shells.

    This is PBU31, my personal contribution inspired (but not litigated) by the Progressive Blogger Union, a congenital group of soft-headed freaks who I love. If the countdown to Armaggedon interests you and you would like to see other blog posts on our manufactured Big Bang in battle, check the replies under the subject header "PBU31" at the PBU group at Flickr.

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