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  • Monday, April 25, 2005


    REAL Women's Voices


    Over at the Family Research Council I was looking for information on their justification for how Justice Sunday, a very political event to abolish the Senate filibuster, could be shown in churches without affecting their tax exempt status. I came upon the graphic above. The link led here. I thought to myself "REAL must be an acronym. Surely they can't be suggesting that pro-choice or pro-abortion women aren't real women?"

    Despite finding phrases like "This historic day gives REAL women, pro-life women, an opportunity to make their voices heard across America!" and "REAL pro-life spokeswomen Dr. Alveda King..." and "As a REAL pro-life woman advocate and legal scholar...," I couldn't find any reference to any expanded version of the term REAL. I have to conclude this is a case of misleading advertising, pimping their event and a way to brand participating women with a validating label to raise their self-esteem. Not that there's anything wrong with raising women's self-esteem, but it seems to me a classic case of dividing women and setting them against each other rather than empowering them.

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