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  • Friday, April 22, 2005


    These Sites Caught My Eyeballs (ouch!)

    Other blogs occasionally group particular posts or sites they want to highlight together on Fridays. I think I'm already committing to too many Friday blog things but I'm going to give this a try. [Slight disclaimer: I may seem serious (hah!) but I also have some rather outré interests. Not all are very, um, PC. NO! I am not talking about pr0n! Get your mind out of the gutter, will you?]

    The Joe Bob Report is the site for Joe Bob Briggs, connoisseur of B-films, humorist, proponent of Drive-In movie theaters, etc. I find him funny but not everyone thinks evaluating a film's quality on the basis of the number of decapitations, explosions, and bare female breasts is very dignified or respectful. What can I say? Inside my urbane yet sensitive exterior lurks a yuck-yucking, lowbrow male slob.

    The Big Brass Blog is a kind of umbrella site for eight or ten bloggers who all seem to have their own separate blogs. It loads a little slowly for me but I'm stuck with a dial-up speed of 36.6. I sometimes feel I'm on the dirt roads of the information superhighway. (now there's a dated metaphor.)

    Bitch. Ph.D is generally feminist with a dollop of personal stuff on her life. Recent entries have also been about her child, amusingly referred to as Pseudonymous Kid.

    I was going to add more to this list but I have to go out food shopping.

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