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  • Friday, April 22, 2005


    Word of the Day: Bibliolater

    Using the term "fundmentalist Christian" has often irked me a little. In my opinion, a fundamentalist Christian would adhere strictly to (wait for it) the teachings of Jesus Christ. However I think most of the denominations and people refered to as fundamentalist Christians would more accurately be described as Bibliolaters or Biblicists. I'm capitalizing these words to link them to the Christian Bible and not books in general.

    From Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary:
    Bibliolator: one excessively venerating the Bible literally interpreted.
    Biblicism: adherence to the letter of the Bible.
    I looove finding new ways to label things. Many Christians would undoubtedly be pissed off to be called a "Christian Jew" indicating that the Christian religious stream branches off Judaism. Not to be confused (I don't think at least) with "Jews for Jesus," a different group. Yes, I know this nomenclature doesn't make any sense. What next, Presbyterian Catholic?

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