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  • Friday, April 22, 2005


    Some Capitalist Thoughts

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is often said that Communism failed and Capitalism triumphed. I find the comparison a bit simplistic.

    Communism, as practiced in the Soviet bloc, was basically a combined economic and political system. In the West these are (very) loosely divided into capitalism and a separate political system, often a form of democracy but not infrequently a dictatorship, military dictatorship, etc.
    I find it interesting how widespead the acceptance of capitalism is in the US. I tend to think of Capitalism in a narrow definition: People who own capital (money, machinery, land, etc) and use that capital to create more capital through investment, service, and/or manufacturing. Oh, many people participate in capitalism as workers and consumers but I think of a very small percentage as actual "capitalists."

    (I had some purpose in writing this but I've forgotten it. This is my bane, a disheveled mind striving for linear coherence.)

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