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  • Tuesday, April 26, 2005


    MiniCredo: Soul of Revolution

    Dreams of justice haunt me, call to the heat of my blood.

    The Republicans, the Biblical fanatics, the cursed right-wing noise machine all dominate our culture in many ways. They strive to separate us, divide us from each other. They lie, obfuscate, tell us who and what is important. Like a stage magician, they focus our attention elsewhere while they destroy, while they conspire openly to dominate, to enslave, to break our spirit.

    What will unite us? Some leader? Some organization? Some movement? Perhaps. I think what will bring people together is the point when they say, "No more: No more hatred, no more destruction, and no more ravening corporations."

    When is the moment? When do isolated individuals and small groups come together in common vision? When do the hopeless and helpless feel a surge of cleansing empowerment? I believe in a commonwealth, a state for the good of all people, a body politic founded on principles of truth and justice. I believe in turning the tears of anguish into a righteous rage. It's not a rage of hatred, of denial, of lies. It's a rage against poverty, against alienation, against hypocritical leaders. It's a rage for honesty, compassion, empathy.

    Do I speak of insurrection, of rebellion, of revolution? Yes. Do I speak of violence, force of arms, or a will to conquer? No. I speak of the power in people clearly envisioning a possible future, finding consensus together and acting for the greater good. I speak of individuals discovering the form and shape of oppression, and devising tactics to alleviate these forces.

    I dream of justice. Do you?

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