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  • Friday, March 25, 2005


    Almost Cats...

    I'm still not sure I've got this inserting photos thing down right. Although I've rarely come across it, I understand there is a tradition of blogging one's cats on Friday nights. Over on AmericaBlog, John blogs orchids. Below are two of our dogs giving the evil eye to the photographer. I have spared you, gentle viewer, the rest of the scene which includes the lifeless body of a flying squirrel. Sheena (Shiba Inu in the foreground) had made a kill, perhaps her first. In the house. We have flying squirrels in our walls. Don't ask. Generally we are able to livetrap them and release them elsewhere but this one got out of the walls and was loose in the house. We vacillate between pride and disgust. Ripley (black Shiba in the background) has much more experience hunting but not always the best judgement. She once killed a porcupine in our yard. I am not kidding. She had a couple of hundred quills in her that had to be pulled.

    Damn, I feel like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly saying "Oh, that's disgusting isn't it?" Sorry if this was too much information.

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