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  • Monday, March 21, 2005


    Women Bloggers

    Every few months apparently, some (male) bloggers ask "where are the women bloggers?" One response is the Blogroll at What She Said! A couple of people (women) have collected reasons people (male) have given about why women bloggers are not as prominent as males. (Well, except for Wonkette apparently, who seems to be in a class by herself. I don't know; I don't read her much.) This first bit is from Sappho's Breathing:
    "Golly, why are all the big-time bloggers men?"

    "Well, my child, let me tell you...."

    1. Women don't like to argue, and they aren't very good at it anyway.

    2. Women are boring.

    3. Wonkette is an exception because she's young and pretty and likes sexual innuendo.

    4. Women only blog about women's issues, which are boring.

    5. Women don't argue; they react emotionally. "Ew, bad, I don't like it!" isn't an argument.

    6. Anyone can write a weblog, and popularity simply comes to those who write the best. Women bloggers aren't popular. Ergo, women don't write as well as men. (If A, then B. Not B. Therefore, not A.) [Female bloggers, imposing logical form on male hysteria...but I digress.]

    7.Women are practical and think about their families. They don't think about big, important ideas, like silly, impractical men do.

    8. Women aren't interesting.

    9. P.C. feminists are running Harvard and running Larry Summers out of a job.

    10. White men are really the victims here.

    There's more to the post, this was just the beginning. In a similar vein comes the following from Bitch. Ph.D.:
    You know, I try. I really try to give credit where it's due, to not be such a bitch, to be understanding that men don't "get" feminism, for the most part. I know it's not their fault. I know privilege is blinding.

    But fuck me.

    I saw that first post yesterday, after I wrote this one. And it clearly implies that Drum was at least one of the bloggers who said some of those things. But I thought, ok, well, let's hold off, I don't know that for sure, he's trying, ya ya ya. But you know what? He is trying. But goddamn, goddamn, how long do we have to stand around and be grateful for men "trying" when they continue to say shit like this? And not have the--excuse me--balls to admit it unless someone forces them to?

    Women don’t give me much linkable material.

    Women write on subjects that don’t interest me.

    Women don’t know how to compromise on abortion rights.

    Why don’t women post about Social Security? It affects them, too.

    Women don’t write commentary, don’t come up with new ideas.

    Gender politics is all secondary issues.

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