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  • Monday, September 06, 2004


    Adsense by Google

    Blogger is offering a connection to Adsense by Google, a way for Google to place ads on your blog and maybe get a little money. I thought, why not? How bad can this capitalist placement be? Judging by the first two ads put on my blog, kind of bad. The first is for supporting the RNC and to "advance the responsible Bush/Republican agenda." The other ad is for a conservative book club.

    My initial view of this was the obvious: who has the money for advertising? Who invests most in advertising? I'm particularly struck by the first ad which, in one short sentence, promotes what I consider a lie. And there it is on my blog, immediately giving and presenting an opposing view that I see too often everywhere in the media. It's possible that after I get some more traffic through the site, the nature of the ads may change. Maybe. If they don't change in a week or two, I'll drop the program.

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