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  • Monday, August 30, 2004


    Huzzah! A book I really like!

    So this is the book I've been looking for since I started blogging. I just didn't know it was this book. All the President's Spin : George W. Bush, the Media, and the Truth by Ben Fritz, Bryan Keefer, Brendan Nyhan is an excellent antidote to the ever-deepening levels of nuanced truth in the US political process. Nuance truth? Yeah, I'd say that's descriptive. There's a review of it here.

    Although specifically about Resident Bush's administration and its reliance on a public relations approach to politics, the book (and the associated web site provides examples of different types of spin. I find this valuable to decrypting spin from any source. The web site is also more politically agnostic in its targets. Micheal Moore and John Kerry have been called to task as well for using hyperbole or misleading facts. A little subtitle on the web page is pithy and descriptive: The nation's leading watchdog of manipulative political rhetoric.

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