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  • Saturday, August 21, 2004



    I can't help it. I just keep taking out documentaries from my local video store. Can't I just watch movies for pleasure? Sure, as long as it involves zombies or explosions (preferably both). I only wish that were a joke. Still, I sure have enjoyed catching up on the many offerings from the Media Education Foundation (MEF). I just watched Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire (2004) which has pretty good analysis of the background of current Bush Administration policy. Worth looking for.

    Another recently watched doc is Beyond the Frame: Alternative Views on the September 11th Atrocities. Some of the interviews on this DVD were done only a week after 9/11/01 which makes for a fascinating perspective. Some comments are eerily precient about the Bush administration's response to the event. Others, not so much. Still worth looking at but you need some tolerance for just talking heads. There's no other footage besides the interviews themselves. And there's a lot of them, about 2 and a half hours. Fortunately, the DVD menus break it up into subjects and then into interviews within that subject making it easy to skip from one interview to the next.

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