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  • Friday, August 13, 2004


    Complementary books

    So I'm reading these two books and I realize that there are some parallel ideas weaving through the two of them and of course I just have to share my little epiphany. First is ''Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America'' by Robert Reich. The other I mentioned before, "Blinded by the Right" by David Brock. First was the mention of Robert Bork in both books, citing both his influence as a conservative and the battle over his nomination to the Supreme Court in 1987. Reich has a strong respect for conservatives as noble opposition, but has less tolerance for the so-called neoconservatives (who he more aptly refers to as radical conservatives or radcons.) Brock really became involved in the Washington conservative scene during the Reagan and Bush I years, so these political contests really shaped his conservative development. I'm still reading so I don't know how many more parallels there are but since they seem to be talking about the same political space and time I expect more in this vein.

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