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  • Saturday, November 19, 2005


    I am Pro-Choice

    A LiveJournal meme making the rounds asks that women who would get an abortion say so and men who are supportive put the following in their journal:

    I am pro-choice. I would help a woman get an abortion.

    Choice is everything. While there are always serious ethical issues around this subject, I believe we are all entitled to self-determination over our bodies and our future. If a woman decides she wants or needs to end her pregnancy, I will help her.

    In the current political and social climate, there is a tendency to equivocate, to put conditions on the statement, to refine the argument. Yet the ultimate responsibility and decision lies with the woman who is pregnant. While some men lay claim to being equally responsible for pregnancy and desire to have control over the abortion decision, I find it difficult to sympathize with them.

    Despite men contributing half the DNA, every atom of that fetus/embryo will come through the woman's body. Perhaps in a situation where the eggs were artificially fertilized in a laboratory, there might be some equal claim by both parents on the resulting 8 or 16 cell blastulas sitting in a lab freezer but that's it in my mind.

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