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  • Sunday, November 06, 2005


    I'll be Post-Feminist in the Post-Patriarchy

    I vaguely had the idea of using this image as my icon but I don't think it would look very good reduced that much. I think it's amusing. I have a T-shirt with this slogan on it and I adore it. Unfortunately the print is a little small on the tee and hard to read. I'd prefer it to be a bit bolder.

    Yet there is a note of seriousness with it, of course. I'm tired of hearing the slagging of feminists by conservatives and the blithe obliviousness of many (male) leftists to feminist concerns. There is a rather blatant attitude that feminist issues are inherently less important than "real" issues, coincidentally defined by a male leadership. Quelle surprise!

    I feel freakish sometimes for being a male who cares about feminist issues. And it's not like I devote that much time and energy to these issues, but the fact that I spend any time on feminism in this blog seems unusual. Perhaps I just don't visit the right blogs or something. Perhaps I should make a bit more of an effort to find a few. If I do, I'll pass along the links here.

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