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  • Saturday, November 05, 2005


    California's Constitutional Amendment Prop. 73: Infanticide

    This was passed along to me from Ariki of Ariki Art through PBU. Ostensibly to protect minors and assert parental control over teenagers' decisions concerning abortion, it also has the effect of establishing in the state constitution that abortion is infanticide. Here is some of the relevant text from the official PDF.
    SECTION 1. Title
    This measure shall be known and may be cited as the Parents'’ Right to Know and Child Protection Initiative.
    SEC. 2. Declaration of Findings and Purposes
    The people of California have a special and compelling interest in and responsibility for protecting the health and well-being of children, ensuring that parents are properly informed of potential health-related risks to their children, and promoting parent-child communication and parental responsibility.
    SEC. 3. Parental Notification
    Section 32 is added to Article I of the California Constitution, to read:

    SEC. 32. (a) For purposes of this section, the following terms shall be defined to mean:
    (1) "“Abortion"” means the use of any means to terminate the pregnancy of an unemancipated minor female known to be pregnant with knowledge that the termination with those means will, with reasonable likelihood, cause the death of the unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born. For purposes of this section, "“abortion"” shall not include the use of any contraceptive drug or device.
    Will this definition also be applicable to adults? Obviously not in this particular amendment, but having this definition in the State Constitution doesn't seem like such a hot idea to me. Too much like a precedent in my opinion.

    Nota Bene: This is PBU45, my contribution this week to the consortium known as the Progressive Blogger Union (PBU). This is the final post for PBU since Deb is closing the project down. It's been lots of fun and I'll miss these mini blogswarms. To find out what other members of PBU are saying about California Prop. 73, this link should take you to a page where other PBU member posts are available. is a social bookmark and search engine. It categorizes and links all kinds of things on the web. Or you can go to this PBU page and click on "PBU45 from all users". You can also plug "PBU45" into the Technorati search engine.

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