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  • Thursday, November 17, 2005


    Doing the American Regression Boogie

    Gary of American Regression left this note in my comments: "Hey Demi... How's about some link love? Ohhhhhhhhhh...Blog to Blog you baby!"

    Such a forward fellow! But who can resist such a plaintive proposition? Not I. Particularly when his blog includes such pleasant items as the graphic at left. If only it were as easy as a little oral action. Gary suggested he would be willing to take a hit for the team, as it were. Me, I'd be more leery. Not so much for the ick factor (which is high) as for my suspicion that I would end up finding out firsthand what "extraordinary rendition" is all about. I doubt B's handlers would allow me to remain communicado in the aftermath. They like cleaning up loose ends, so to speak.

    Visit Gary at American Regression: Proof of the "Left Behind" and view some of his high-class screeds. Fun and educational.

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