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  • Friday, June 17, 2005


    Are Israeli Jews the New Aryans?

    Okay, my title is a little over the top but when I came across the following piece of commentary, I did a double take. Perhaps this vision of nationalist supremacy is typical of a certain type of ultrapatriot, no matter the country involved, but I find it really creepy. I swear that with only the slightest of revision these paragraphs could be exchanged for some Nazi propaganda about how German Aryans were the real civilizing force in Europe thoughout history. Please note I am not calling the author a Nazi, merely making an observation about the tone and the parallels of the obvious contempt of Arabs. I generally don't comment on Israel and struggles in the Middle East (Well, except for US involvement; I've got an opinion or two about that.) but I couldn't pass this up. From A Democratic Island in a Vast Sea of Barbaric Mediocrity:

    Israel is like the fabled Atlantis, so advanced in her civilization, humanity and technology that she generates envy and hatred among the Arab Muslim nations. [Hmm. They hate us for our freedom?] Had they taken in the Jews instead of trying to kill them for Allah, the Middle East could have been transformed into the Garden of Eden.

    It was not accidental that wherever the Jews settled, they brought with them the "Green Line". They made land, barren for centuries, into fertile farms with fruitful yield. This applied to the people within the Land. Even those who lived with them who weren’t Jewish, achieved a higher standard of living in all ways, health, wealth, education and improved human values. This talent and willingness to work smart and hard brought them no honor but only envy and hatred.

    Instead, the Arab Muslim nations swore to murder every Jew they could get their hands on (in the name of Allah). This was, indeed, a barbaric people slaved to a pagan religion that taught their children and followers to kill or enslave all other peoples - especially Jews and Christians whom they contemptuously called "Dhimmis". They intend that all other religions are eventually to be disposed of - with only Islam remaining.

    I can only barely understand the embattled and besieged feelings Israelis have about the predominantly Muslim countries around them but this sort of broad demonization serves only to stoke fanaticism on both sides. I don't have any solution, just trying to point to the relentless death grip all sides seem to have on each other.

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