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  • Wednesday, May 18, 2005


    You Will Know Them By The Trail of Their Blogs...

    The Following being a Cruise through some Sites of Interest, some of Subtle Beauty, others of Banned Material, possibly of a Salacious Nature. (That's not accurate but I get in these odd literary moods, crudely aping a particular style. Mimicry afflicts me.)

    I started at Bitch. Ph.D. who I find is going on vacation until mid-June. Buh-bye, Dr. B.! Pleasant journey.

    There I find a link to Feminist of the Day on Lovely site and informative. You can put a box on your blog that updates every day with a new feminist.

    Spacefem's links lead me to media girl, full of commentary on feminism and, what else, media things. I like this recent post on those inconvenient feminists.

    Sifting through media girl's feminist links (do you sense a theme emerging?) I follow two links: and Pen-Elayne on the Web. The first is fairly self-explanatory. Pen-Elayne I know mainly for suggesting making March "Estrogen Month" to allow showcasing of women's blogs. My pitiful sidebar list titled "women/feminist blogs" contains the remnants of my participation.

    The shout-outs at blackfeminism suggest two more sites: Bitch magazine and feministing. I read the dead-tree version of Bitch fairly regularly and like it. I don't visit feministing very often but I always find interesting commentary.

    This concludes our short tour of links. Please exit in an orderly fashion.

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