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  • Tuesday, May 17, 2005


    My Casual Dissection of Punditry

    Pundits are big business on TV. These nattering hobgoblins of opinion construct their own world; we just live in it. They stir up strong feelings for and against their positions and personalities. I thought I should draw up some observations on the "rules of punditry." This way I can be a kind of informal pundit on pundits. A little pundit on pundit action, if you will. That's hot!

    I'm only going to state the rules here. Perhaps at a later time I'll fill in some details, expand them into a book and name it "7 Traits of Highly Offensive Pundits."

    1. Always have an opinion.
    1a. Your opinion is always right.

    2. Remember your guests are always inferior to you. If they get uppity, cut their tongue out, er, their microphone, cut their mic.

    3. Pad your resume. Who's really going to look up whether you got a Peabody Award?

    4. Arrogance is a virtue. The money you make proves it.

    5. Lie. Make stuff up.
    5a. Never, never admit to a mistake.

    6. You are a victim when people point out your obvious falsehoods.

    7. You champion the common man and are just like them except for your wealth.

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