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  • Wednesday, May 11, 2005


    Deconstructing the Blog

    I recently dug up a John C. Dvorak column from PCMag dated April 23, 2002 titled Deconstructing the Blog. I think it's hilariously on target. I'm a firm believer in having a sense of humor about blogging. It's necessary. Here's a little bit from it:
    2. Community. Prove that you're a dedicated blogger by citing at least five other blogs that you just read. Praise them ad nauseum. Then comment on links that their authors discovered and cut and paste these links to your blog. If you're trying to jazz up your blog, italicize the text that you cut from the other blog. Add a sentence or two as to why each link is so cool. Teasers work well too. "Can you believe this?" or "What is he thinking?" or "How can anyone be so wrong?"
    3. Humility. Blog daily. If you miss a day, use the next day's entire blog entry to apologize profusely. Explain in detail the fascinating adventure you had that caused you to miss a day of blogging. Make sure to rave about how great blogging is and why everyone should blog and how blogging will change the world.

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