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  • Monday, May 16, 2005


    Butt-Ugly Graphic Intrusion

    All I seem to be posting this week on this blog is "look at me, I'm a blogger, ooh, changing things around, dammit take me seriously! Do I look pretty? I'm very introspective." All very tiring.

    I've been playing with a tryout version of Adobe Illustrator CS. Very fun. I actually own an old version of Illustrator, version 6 or something. CS (approx. ver. 11) is full of tools to do a zillion graphic effects. I may insert a few of the results here so don't be surprised if the title graphic changes several times in the near future. Warning: I am not a professional artist! This will surely result in items that clash in nauseating ways. If overcome by vertigo, please breathe deeply and look away from the monitor.

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