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  • Thursday, May 05, 2005


    SlashFic Dot Gov

    Some days I am a sick, sick person. I try to be a good citizen. I try to uphold certain standards of public debate when I discuss politics and government policy. I don't believe in ad hominem attacks on people holding opposing positions to mine. Yet... There is a part of me that delights in coarse suggestion. I really seem to like creating, um, rough humor, if you will. I could dignify it by calling it satire of public figures, pointing out certain foibles and placing their public personas in embarrassing positions. I could... But really it's because I have a nasty streak in me. In person, I'm generally polite, careful of hurting the feelings of people and generous in many ways. Then I get an idea which tickles my warped humor and I loose a twisted laugh.

    You, dear reader, are possibly aware of a phenomenon known as Slash Fiction. I haven't really read any myself, knowing it mostly through reputation. Follow the link above for a more detailed explanation.

    This is probably not a new idea but why not political slash fiction? While there are a number of genres of slash, a central strain is of male/male erotic encounters. Soooo, my awful, very nasty idea is pairing prominent politicians in sex scenes. No, no one really wants to imagine this stuff because it's enough to drive you to a hermitage. Even I don't want to visualize it and it's my idea. Here's an example. Please remember this is fictional and satirical.
    Tom DeLay reached around and tugged hard on Bill Frist's nipple ring. Bill groaned and arched his back. The Senate cloakroom was empty. Tom began to move faster.
    "DeLay, DeLay," moaned Bill with strangled passion.
    "I can't delay any more," grunted Tom as he...
    I'm so happy to have dragged public discourse into the gutter with me. No need to thank me. The look on your face is thanks enough. Hi-yo, Silver! Away!

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