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  • Wednesday, May 04, 2005


    Love Me, Love My Blog

    I'm rearranging things on this blog. Sure, in the beginning the cookie cutter template from Blogger was fine but now I want something more. Since my HTML skills are frightfully careless, I will undoubtedly make some mistakes. So if you find some horrid design element or functional flaw persists for more than a day, please drop me a line at: Hopefully I won't change the text colour to white on white background. Really, I am starting to hate the nasty earth tone colours throughout this template. Ugh!

    On a related note, I'm very happy to include the blogScream News Wire in my sidebar. Some of my fav blogs are often featured on it so please check them out. Just click on a headline and it will open a new browser window with the blog in it. Quite a nifty little item from The Dark Wraith, who, like the Shadow, knows... well, quite a lot. He also has the pleasant affectation of referring to himself in the third person in his missives, a symptom of certain mental illnesses if I'm not mistaken. He appears to be a kind and affable fellow though, conscientious in carrying out his responsibilities so far as I know. He does strike me as slightly rakish but not overly so. I should not talk so since this is mainly supposition and projection on my part. Doubtless I'll soon hear from his solicitor concerning my sallow defamation of him. [We now return to our program already in progress.]

    On the subject of housekeeping, I'm having conflicting desires relating to my sidebar. Like Mopsy, it just growed. During March, 2005 I started a section in vague solidarity with "Estrogen Month" to specifically promote women bloggers. I've now renamed it "Feminist/Women's Blogs," a very awkward title. It has the added benefit of coming across as an apartheid-era homeland for women bloggers, not as a showcase for them. Arg! Not really the intention but I'm not sure whether I'll blend them into other groups or what.

    Lastly, there is the sidebar section named "blogroll?" which I'm trying to keep as a sort of catch-all temporary section for blogs and sites I like. These are kept as a list by If I place them in a permanent section of the actual HTML code of DemiOrator, I'll take them off this list. I'm trying to only include blogs in the permanent code that I actually visit semi-regularly. I don't see the value in blogrolling sites I don't visit. This is not quality control but it is a reflection of my tastes. A blogroll of several hundred listings overwhelms me on other blogs. I assume I'm not alone in this reaction. I'd love to check them all out but, alas and alack, I must needs focus my attention.

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