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  • Saturday, May 21, 2005



    At various times we (friends and myself) have gathered information on herbal abortifacts. It has never seemed to me that legal and relatively safe abortion was a given, that Roe v Wade would always be the law of the land in the US. So we researched info on methods which were not dependent on surgical knowledge. Unfortunately, many of these herbal methods are very dangerous for women. Like chemotherapy, most herbal methods involve ingesting herbs in quantities that are toxic and induce fairly severe reactions in a woman's body. These are not methods for the inexperienced or misinformed. Death or permanent damage to organs is not to be laughed at.

    This brings me to this article on The Contraception Museum. Here's a quote:

    The museum emerges in a time of intense controversy over contraception.

    In March, the same month that the museum opened, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which researches reproductive health issues, reported a high level of hostility to reproductive health rights in Congress and state legislatures and potential harm to contraceptive services from proposed cuts in Medicaid.

    "You can count on some attack on family planning in Congress and something you didn't expect," Adam Sonfield, a public policy associate with the Institute's Washington, D.C., office, said.

    The Guttmacher Institute estimates that 16 million sexually active women rely upon two publicly funded programs--Medicaid or Title X of the Public Health Service Act--for contraceptive services. These include nearly 700,000 in Ohio alone.

    Medicaid funding could take the brunt of a $20 billion cut in domestic programs in the budget plan submitted by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in April. Even a 1 percent loss in family planning funding would affect tens of thousands of women, reported Guttmacher.

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