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  • Tuesday, January 04, 2005


    Revising History

    This is a fascinating (to me) example of immediate revision of history. In this story from Media Matters for America, they detail how the Bush Administration's first pledge of $15 million has strangely morphed into calling the second pledge of $35 million the first. I distinctly remember the initial offer in news reports. Not earthshattering but still kind of creepy to see it. There are several more sources in the original story.

    On January 3, in an article on the United States' most recent pledge of $350 million in aid, The Washington Post, for example, did accurately report that the Bush administration initially pledged only $15 million. However, numerous news outlets have inaccurately reported $35 million as the amount of the Bush administration's initial pledge.

    A January 3 Associated Press article reported:

    "It's been seven days and in seven days, we have launched a carrier battle group. We have launched an amphibious battle group. We have contributed $350 million," [Secretary of State Colin] Powell said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." The United States' initial pledge of $35 million drew criticism.

    The Associated Press also reported on January 2:

    Powell, whose Asia trip includes stops in Thailand, Indonesia and perhaps Sri Lanka, defended the Bush administration against criticism it reacted slowly to the crisis with an initial pledge of $35 million, since increased to $350 million.

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