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  • Monday, January 10, 2005


    It's called Satire, look it up

    People who think banning books will somehow protect society from ideas and views they find offensive are exceptionally low human specimens in my opinion. I think they are afraid of any challenge to their worldview. It would be a good idea to send such censors to a nudist (or naturist) camp for a couple of weeks until they get over their fear of the naked body. From an AP story:
    GULFPORT, Miss. - Library officials in two southern Mississippi counties have banned Jon Stewart's best-selling "America (The Book)" over the satirical textbook's nude depictions of the nine U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites) justices.

    Wal-Mart has declined to stock the book because of the page, which features the faces of the nine Supreme Court justices superimposed over naked bodies. The facing page has cutouts of the justices' robes, complete with a caption asking readers to "restore their dignity by matching each justice with his or her respective robe."

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