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  • Wednesday, November 17, 2004


    Screw the Tactical

    The general haze that seems to be settling down over the Democrats is one of shrewdness. I'm seeing a number of discussions going on about "choosing our battles." An attitude of evaluation, of picking what are "important" issues to fight and which ones to leave as orphans. I'm sure this is considered a tactical judgement of how to best spend the D's political capital and not squander it on lost causes.

    I say, fuck it! Go all out. All this jockeying for position, trying to be reasonable and moderate-right bullshit is worthless. Standing up for principles, human rights, equality, etc. isn't just a considered and balanced stance. It shouldn't depend on a pollster's results before commiting to action. Politics may be a careful dance but it shouldn't always be so. Sometimes it's best to go with the heart, with the soul, with righteous fury. Am I talking about the Dems? Soul? Righteousness? Aren't those Republican words? Hell, no!

    The D's are a minority party in the government at the moment. They seem to be acting like with just the right words, just the right tactics, they'll eventually be back on top. That is such crap! I figure as the minority party, they gain power. Wait, GAIN power? WTF? Yes, with less to lose, they could take bigger risks rather than few risks. Repubs have been running roughshod over D's for years now. R's talk about Bipartisan but what they mean is for D's to bend over for them. Those R's have the rude values of a bully.

    And all this from me, a mild guy who generally doesn't care what the Dems do. Screw the tactical: Light the Fire!

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