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  • Sunday, November 14, 2004


    Those Darn Liberal Democrats!

    I don't generally pay too much attention to the machinations of the Dems. But this commentary was so contrary and funny I just wanted to put it in. From AMERICAblog:

    Say Hello to "...a teetotaling Mormon (one of the most anti-gay groups in the country). A former Capitol Hill cop. A staunch opponent of abortion. A co-sponsor of the constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning.

    Who is it? A rising star of the 'traditional values' Republican Party? Some new young turk who came into office on the coattails of George Bush?

    Nope! It's Harry Reid of Nevada, the new face of the Democratic Party and the Senate minority leader! That's right: an anti-choice, anti-free speech, anti-gay, heck even anti-beer Senator is the spokesman for the Democratic Party. Write it down. Because with his record, that might be hard to remember."

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