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  • Sunday, November 14, 2004


    Tenor of War, Fallujah

    This post is depressing in so many ways but still very worth looking at. Juxaposed with mainstream news reports from USA Today and the Associated Press are comments showing exactly how the actions described are in violation of the Geneva Conventions. And this is just from conventional news reports, not deep digging to find elusive witnesses to covert events. These are the daily tactics of the US military in Iraq. From Empire Notes:

    November 13, 6:25 pm. The way the attack on Fallujah has been conducted makes one thing crystal clear: the Geneva Convention has been overtly and specifically abandoned, not just in the treatment of prisoners, but also in the conduct of military assaults. Of course, the United States violates it in one way or another frequently and systematically violates the provisions of the more enlightened 1979 Additional Protocols (which it has never ratified), but in this case it is deliberately and systematically violating the basic core conventions themselves....

    In every way, the rules of engagement in this assault have been dramatically loosened. Any time troops come under fire, it seems, they target the appropriate building with an air or artillery strike from fearsome weapons like the aptly named Paladin (at least they cancelled the Crusader), which fires rocket-assisted shells that are wonderfully accurate, and typically land within 5 yards of their target after travelling 22 miles. Now, it just so happens that they have a kill radius of 55 yards and their use in crowded residential areas inevitably risks massive "collateral damage," but why quibble when such glorious technology is being put to use?

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