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  • Thursday, October 14, 2004


    A Bridge between Dems and Republicans

    This article may be outdated come election day but I still think it's worth reading. It's easy for progressives to think that those who vote for Bush are stupid and/or crazy. That's part of the problem with the chasm separating the right and left these days. Not everyone is able to engage in civil dialogue but many people can be changed by it. Calling someone stupid or insane is an easy way of dismissing them, writing them off and resorting to shouted slogans rather than exchanging views and information.

    This is from near the end of the article:

    Perhaps if we are willing to step outside of our comfort zones, progressives may find that not all Bush supporters want to control women's bodies or prescribe to the "survival of the fittest" philosophy. More importantly, Republicans would learn that there is no such thing as a "wild-eyed liberal" eager to tell them how to live.

    As for undecided voters, I assumed they were out of touch with reality. I was wrong. Based on the conversations I had, they either don't have access to substantial information or are being misled by the news they read – like most of the women I reached who truly believed that Afghan and Iraqi women are being liberated.

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