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  • Sunday, October 10, 2004


    Bush On the Couch

    Bush On the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President by Justin A. Frank, M.D. From the description, this might either be an excellent look at the evolution of George W. Bush's personality or it might be speculative hogwash. I think there is plenty of info in the public sphere to do this sort of analysis fairly well for a person with the right skill set. Whether the author has done so, I don't know.

    A phrase that the leftish blogs have come up with for Bush after the second debate is "furious George" which I find very droll. It combines the children's book character, a monkey named "Curious George" (also referencing Bush's vaguely simian face and ears,) and the somewhat manic anger he showed in the "town meeting" debate. Of course, this appellation is a highly ad hominem reference. It certainly behooves us to rise above this vile namecalling. But I still think it's funny. I am a very bad person.

    I picked up on "Bush on the Couch" from AMERICAblog where John had this personal comment:
    I know one person who visited the White House because he was on the team that reached the summit of Everest in 2001 with the first blind climber. After pumping up his own ego to the visitors and telling them how important the office was and he was, he monologued for the entire visit, not once asking about the Everest climb. Sitting across from Furious George was the first blind person to climb Everest and there was no congratulations, no acknowledgement, nothing. Only ego and stories about himself. Does that sound like a normal person or someone who can not stand the fact that someone with a disability was able to achieve something impressive without mommy and daddy and family friends? Clear the couch, this guy needs help.

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