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  • Saturday, October 02, 2004


    Vote Counting in Florida

    I've read so much about the recount in 2000 that I was surprised that the following quote struck me significant suddenly. It's not new or news but (perhaps it's because I'm reading Lakoff's "Don't Think of an Elephant") the acknowledged truth from both Repubs and Dems was that recount would favor Gore. This is such a given and something I've known all along that I'm suddenly shocked by my surprise at it.

    AlterNet: Election 2004: Something Rotten in the State of Florida: "The Republicans did all they could to avoid manual re-counts in 2000 because they assumed that the more votes were re-counted in south Florida, the more they would favour Al Gore."

    I've read Greg Palast on the "felon" purges. I've read about the balloting bias of optical scanning (Repub. majority districts) vs older voting machines and punch cards (Dem. majority districts). None of this is new to me. But I'm still suddenly appalled anew at the 2000 Florida recount.

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