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  • Wednesday, November 08, 2006


    Voting Just Encourages Them

    Of course I voted! I'm being funny.

    Yet, as usual, there is a kernel of truth in my post title. It's good to vote the old rascals out. The blame for the current vasty mistakes can be spread thick upon the entire gaggle of politicians, Republican and Democrat. True, I think the Repubs deserve the lion's share of blame because of their arrogance and dominance of Congress for so long. But I'm not eager to exempt any of the current crop of Congressional money-suckers and influence whores.

    New people are elected and yet the Washington culture, darkly tainted by lobbyists and sub rosa agreements, remains in its corrupted glory. The rot infects all politicians who come to the city with bright dreams of change and reform. Then come the rationalizations: "It will take time," and "You don't understand the factors at play," and "We need to carefully consider the effects of our actions." Promises of progress become excuses of delay and proudly ambiguous speeches.

    We see it every time.

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