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  • Thursday, February 09, 2006


    Pardon My Dishevelled State

    No, really, this blog is a messy collection of half implemented bits of code and it looks it. I noticed earlier today that my title graphics (there are 20 of them in random rotation, not including the one in this post) were not showing up because I had changed webhosts recently. Poor, forgetful little lackey of words!

    I'm tired of pleading ignorance and lack of skill when it comes to HTML and CSS so I am embarking on a leisurely study of these subjects in an attempt to gain proficiency. However, you shouldn't expect an immediate makeover of DemiOrator. It will take time to transform such a shimmering beacon of tepid revolutionary blogdom into a... uh, well, a shinier beacon. [Addendum: I'm particularly sensitive to how utterly crappy this site looks in Internet Explorer. I made the leap to Firefox and never looked back, only to be horrified the first time I saw the blog in IE. Whew! Really, I'll try to make it better for IE. If only MS wouldn't screw around with how it implements CSS...]

    I'm dithering between two HTML/CSS programs: Evrsoft's First Page 2006 and Bradbury's TopStyle3. While I cut my HTML teeth on HotMeTaL Pro 6, it is getting rather old, the last version being around 1998-9. It barely incorporates CSS into the coding and I'm eager to use CSS. FP 2006 is very easy to use but lacks helpful CSS features. TopStyle3 includes excellent integration with CSS but I find the interface a tad difficult and confusing. Suggestions or comments on your personal favorite program are welcome.

    I'll tell you up front that I'm going to be tinkering with HTML/CSS from some of my favorite blogs. Oh, I won't actually steal their code and use it here; that would be gauche as well as rude. Possibly illegal, too, but that's less of a deterrent to me than not being a good neighbor to fellow bloggers. But I will be using their code to improve my chops. This is a time-honored and hallowed way of learning and hacking toward coding proficiency. [Be warned, Dark Wraith! I've noticed the kewl look of your blog and your 1337 skills, etc.]

    Wish me good speed in my quest for illuminating knowledge. I will undoubtedly need it.

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