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  • Friday, July 01, 2005


    Bush Nominates Schwarzenegger to Supreme Court

    President George W. Bush announced that he is nominating California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Supreme Court. The news surprised many in the legal community. "I don't think a cyborg would make a very good Supreme Court Justice," said Jerome Whately of Washington, D.C. "And doesn't he have problems with his temper?"

    Some Supreme Court watchers thought this was a shrewd move by Bush. "Short of a constitutional amendment, Arnold will never be president. This way he can influence government policy from a powerful position," opined Betty Surman, a reporter with the Christian News Service (CNS). Some doubted Gov. Schwarzenegger's qualifications. "Has he even read the Constitution? I think that has to be a prerequisite for the position," said Clarence T.

    Gov. Schwarzenegger said he'd gladly accept the post "...for the sake of the children," a decidedly cryptic remark.

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