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  • Monday, March 14, 2005


    Jesus' General

    I like humor. Much as I try to be serious blog-guy, commenting on issues of free speech and politics, I'm really just a frustrated comic and satirist. So I thought the tone of Jesus' General was pretty funny. I commented on a letter Gen. JC Christian wrote to Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan. It gives me a giggle so I thought I'd share.
    Hmph! In my day, there weren't no d**n articles in the school newspaper about Wiccans. Buddhists, maybe. Quakers, sure. But don't get me started on those d**n Unitarian-Univeralists! New England is crawling with them! Every town seems to have one of their d**n pagan temples! In eighth grade, I had to get my occult knowledge the hard way: a deal with the devil and hallucinogenic drugs! None of this "Blessed be!" stuff and nekkid rituals in the woods! It was hard work! And lonely! And I had acne!

    Anyway, thanks for your stout reply to Mr. Glenn. I tingle with you. In a manly, hetero way, OK?
    And, really, no disrespect meant to any of the mentioned religions. I mean, the devil worshipers are pretty mellow, but I sure don't want to get on the bad side of the Quakers or Buddhists; they can be mean when riled. I heard somewhere that the central tenet of Buddhism is "Every man for himself."

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